1. Property Valuation

               My madurai property having exclusive panel Valuers for valuation of your property. In case you are a seller, a legal piece of document certifying the true worth of the property would be of great help. The buyer could in no way accuse you of overvaluation, and this also ends the scope for bargaining. Your property valuer could also tell you ways in which you could add value to your existing property .

From a buyer’s perspective, valuations help them understand the risk profile of a said property. They can make a sound investment on the basis of such information.

2. Expert Legal opinion

               My madurai property having exclusive panel advocates for expert advice.Our panel advocate will ensure clean property paperwork starting from scratch right until the transaction is finalized. The panel advocate ensures that important property documents such as the Sale Deed, Mother Deed, Encumbrance Certificate, Conversion documents, patta and chitta Certificates, the relevant approvals including layout or building plan, Tax paid receipts etc., are flawless and are up-to-date. The panel advocate suggests the buyer to check the authenticity of the property documents / title by visiting the registrar’s office. In certain cases, the lawyer may advise the buyer to advertise, in a regional and a national newspaper, his intent to purchase the property in order to avoid getting into any third party claims or property litigation in future. Also, getting a Conveyance (Sale) Deed vetted by a lawyer will determine whether the land on which the property is situated belongs to a developer / builder or a society and the recitals (terms & conditions) are up to date.

3. Find the right Architect or civil engineer to effectively plan your project

               Do you need the consultation of an Architect, structural engineer or civil engineer before you start your construction or renovation project? Or do you need to solve a problem in your building or residence? No need to search any longer! We have already found the best structural engineers and civil engineers in our panel and make available to ensure your project is completed successfully.We will refer the good civilEngineers for your convenient and satisfaction.

4. Insurance

               We Can Give Life Insurance, Term Insurance Through LIC of India and SBI Life. Regarding Property Insurance and Medical Insurance We Refer Leading General Insurance Companies as per Your Convenience and Requirements. Kind Contact Us for More Details.